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A. Schwarz,
Welcome to my website.

First of all, this is my very, very new site in english language. There may a lot of bugs and mistakes. Please stop laughing and tell me how to do better

I am pleased with your interest in our work. These have become very diverse and span the areas sculpture in stone, wood and cast metal.

However, the acrylic painting now plays a role.

In addition, I offer sculptor courses in my workshop.

To give young people an insight into a craft, but also to give them the opportunity to creatively craft operating, I am committed to the (basic-) schools in the region. For privacy protection reasons no documentation can be seen here.

 Please be aware of the following important things:

The shown pictures are examples of already finished work. This should give you an overview of our possibilities. We can not show all the work.

If you have any questions about the work or can not find something, please contact me.

My commissions arise always in direct contact with the client. This is the only way I can make my commercial work to the satisfaction of my clients. The prices depend on the amount of material and labor. Tenders may be submitted for these reasons only after a personal interview.

And now enjoy browsing,


Alexander Schwarz

Steinmetz- und Steinbildhauermeister

Master in stonemason and stonesculpturing

Hand-carved Carnival Masks

  Our hobby - Carnival masks made of wood

Agathon vom Schlag


Each year we try to expand our carnival troupe and to carve new masks. These are then to see the parade on Carnival Sunday

more ...

Portrait sculpture
A special passion has evolved over time: The portrait sculpture.



website portrait sculpture (only german)

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"STEINBILDHAUEREI - Eine Einführung"


160 pages, 302 color photos,

EUR 29.90/CHF 38.90 (UVP)
ISBN 978-3-258-60105-2
Haupt Verlag

Available from bookshops or directly from me incl. a personal dedication