Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor


Alexander Schwarz, birthname Tretter, year1964.

Master mason and master stonescuptor, painter

Member of KUNSTNETZ Miltenberg

Member of KUNSTRAUM.miltenberg e.V.

Alexander Schwarz

He grew up in Collenberg, which is traditionally dominated by the red Main sandstone. After high school he learned stonemasonry and stone carving craft, thus continuing the tradition of his great-grandfather Josef Tretter, who was also a stone sculptor and among others worked at the Cologne Cathedral. In the Master School Aschaffenburg he could improve his skills in modeling and in sculpture at the famous sculptor and freelance artist Georg Hueter. After his master examination he founded in 1995 the stone sculpture company " Steinbildhauerwerkstatt (Stonesculptor workshop) Alexander Schwarz".



Alexander Schwarz has a taste for the artistic approach to the human body, especially the face. He is currently dedicated to the portrait sculpture.

Since 2005, he engages as a member of the KUNST NETZ Miltenberg to enthuse  adolescents and children in the fine arts. This usually happens in the context of stone projects at many schools or in workshops for children. He also has in his studio sculpture classes for adults.


Angelika Bertlwieser, year 1963

Certified wood sculptor, vocational school for wood and ivory, Michelstadt (Odenwald)


Since 2000 working with Alexander Schwarz.

Responsibilities: wood sculpting, molding and casting of models or templates, lettering, gold plating.

A. Bertlwieser u. A. Schwarz

A. Bertlwieser und A. Schwarz at the 800 Jahr Feast Fechenbach with "historical" costumes.




"STEINBILDHAUEREI - Eine Einf√ľhrung"


160 pages, 302 color photos,

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