Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor


König vom Hallenberg und sein Volk
In 2005, we started designing and carving wooden masks. This idea we had a certain time before. The first characters were the masks of "Kasper" and "Storr". At this time we experimented with white pine. Meanwhile, we carve exclusively in linden wood.


After we had been infected by the "Carving and Carnival fever", there was no stopping . Since then we design and carve about two new masks every year. The characters are developed from the ideas, the wood and its properties, but also by the existing equipment like various horns, skins and garments.


Some figures have now developed their own lives and there are stories about the various shapes ....


The wild people of the forest king from Hallenberg has been around for a long, long time. Only it was never discovered, as it is very secluded and hidden deep in the woods alive. Only the "herb woman Gundis" with his human and sympathetic exterior established contact with the people around her. They exchanged herbs and various secret potions against clothing and other useful.

The potions, for example, Love and beauty elixirs are manufactured by the fairy Oda to secret recipes. She is also responsible for the care of injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, it has not succeeded, in addition to his health, even the appearance of Logan after his fight with a Wolf Spessart restore. A close relative, Lambert is unfortunately not just a lucky child. As the saying goes: "Wanted I'd had already, but just not could." His powerful hair he tries to hide with man clothes. Whether it what good?

Another sad case is Grinshold, the father of the forest king. He underestimated the bad side effects of enjoyment of fly agaric and belladonna and since then lost his mind. He can no longer be left alone. Actually, a "harmless madman," but you never know! Therefore had to be far too young son, has become king with only 80 years.

Wunibald of the Wolfskaute is a great magician and seer. The young forest king can always first consult with him. In his prophecy, he foretold the death of the forest and the disappearance of winter. Believe really nobody wants the forest people, but time will tell if he is right.

His loyal subjects and royal carriage tugs are Storr, Kleiber an excellent trackers and scouts and the Brotsche always something sullenly through the area. Hanno Schepp leg is one of the many brothers of Lambert. Unfortunately, he is not the brightest, but as a brakeman of the royal car, you can still do it. Much funnier, however, is the old Heiner. In spite of his advanced age, he has hardly any teeth, it is still jolly there.

A very special type of Agathon shock. Always a smile on her face, but really trust him but no. His specialty are hoaxes at the expense of others. But when the chips he is a brave subject of the forest king. A bit similar to him while Veit deifi. He eventually came out times from an old ore mine in Hochspessart. About his past, he does not like, and is also otherwise very closed. Rumor has it, he would still have ties with the underworld

Popularly the king, there are also representatives of the secret Gnome people. One of the few that away and show Berthold is the gnome. His cause is more to dig under the earth for treasures and gold. But when it comes to drive out the winter he is. A real nice guy, though a bit shy.

But the werewolf Luuk, a variety of Spessartwolfes.Luuk could be tamed by the forest people because of their "human" side. So do not worry, even if it looks dangerous.

The youthful curiosity of young forest king is so great that more and more trust from the forest people in the village and together they drive the people from the village, the winter spirits.

König vom Hallenberg from Alexander Schwarz on Vimeo.