Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor

our work

Our operational area includes currently so many topics that it is difficult to present all simple and clear. Therefore this website cannot be exhaustive.

Our focus is on sculpting in commision, especially in stone, but also metal casting (bronze, aluminum, steel). Here are our strengths as a realistic depiction of the human face, but also the interpretation of the human and animal body in different materials.



- A broad term. In our case, it covers the areas of figures, human and animal, plus freelance work in stone, wood or metal casting.

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This umbrella term includes our activities in the sacral region. In this area, the stonemason and stone carving is represented since ancient times. We work for churches as well as private enthusiasts.

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At the foundation of the workshop things for garden, like stone benches, tables but also fountains stood in the foreground.

Here we want to limit ourselves to the presentation of some special water features.

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