Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor


Sculptures - a broad term. With us it covers the areas figures, human and animal, plus freelance work in stone, wood or metal casting.

Most it is commissioned work.  That means that the design and execution corresponds to the wishes of the customer,  in which our own creativity incorporates.

But also own ideas find their freedom in our work. Often then this are thoughts which require a long "maturity".



Our admiration goes to the old masters of sculpture like Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova and in particular Antoine Houdon.

The art of the sculptor consists primarily in creative empathize nature. This is particularly in the area of the human body is a challenge because the eye of the beholder takes place a continuous comparison with the reality.

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In animal figures the same applies as with the human figures. Here is a similarity to live animals necessarily desirable only in animal portrait sculpture.

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Apparently edit soft and light, it provides a technically more challenging than stone. Still, it's a great material and also has its advantages.

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A special form of the sculpture is the  casted sculpture. She is a three-dimensional work of art like a sculpture, but formed. In this case is not removed from a block slightly but  modeled and then, casted in our case, in metal.

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