Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor

sculpting courses

Working with stone is for several reasons a very special, because the human edited this material since time immemorial. And as deeply infected the connection to every people. It's amazing what the impact of stones on the man, who is working on them. Working with stone gives peace, strength, satisfaction and a pleasant "exhaustion" when one has finished his day's work.

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Here I show a selection of the works of my students.

However, after completing a course I put the images thereof for the participants to a protected site to download.

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School Projects

One of my biggest concerns when it comes to children and young people, is to promote the handicraft and creative skills of adolescents. Because in our society more and more attention was paid to the classic main subjects such as mathematics, foreign languages, etc. Unfortunately some big companies do their own to keep kids from being outside.

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