Alexander Schwarz Stonesculptor

school projects

One of my biggest concerns when it comes to children and young people, is to promote the handicraft and creative skills of adolescents. Because in our society more and more attention was paid to the classic main subjects such as mathematics, foreign languages, etc. Unfortunately some big companies do their own to keep kids from being outside.

Therefore, it is more than ever our duty to work against this Enwicklung today. One way is to get creative with sandstone.

I offer for several years on various projects. Funded these are the school authorities, the KUNST NETZ Miltenberg and various other public and private bodies.

Projekt Zellingen

Project Zellingen - "three-sided Janus heads" as seat stones for the school yard

The actions will be discussed in advance with the school administration and the class teachers and coordinated. It is possible that young people make individual pieces, but also larger projects such as climbing animals (eg climbing animal "dragon" and Balanciersteine in Obernburg, seat stones at the middle school Faulbach and Zellingen, or a "Magic Mountain" at the Realschule Miltenberg).

Working with simple tools, mostly on Miltenberg sandstone.

Not only the creative aspect is important, but also skills such as endurance, safety and discipline required. The stone projects an internship in a craft business not unlike, and therefore a good preparation for professional life.

These projects will be documented by me and can be seen in some photo books. For privacy protection reasons, I will dispense with photos with students.

Examples of various school projects.